Some Cool Google+ Tricks

Google+ has added 20 million users in just 3 weeks from its launch.Google+ has tried to address all the issues like privacy,interface,navigation which users faced in facebook. They have been regularly removing fake profiles as well as spam to keep it clean.If you are already on Google+ then you should know these tips and tricks as they will help you to easily use this social networking site.
Here is the Cheat Sheet for Some Cool Google+ Tricks
GooglePlus CheatSheet 1 Some Cool Google+ Tricks

  • By writing text between * it gets bold.If you write *word* it will become word
  • By writing text between _ it gets underlined.If you write _word_ it will become word
  • By writing text between - it gets strikethrough.If you write –word- it will become word
  • Google+ supports Drag and Drop,so you can share things like links,photos,videos by directly dropping them into Share box
  • To mention someone in your comments use + or @ before writing their name.
  • Google+ doesn’t have private messages but you can share a post with only specific friends and don’t forget to disable Reshare
  • To get permalink of any post click on the timestamp of that post.
  • Public and Private posts are differenced by colors; Green = Public, Blue = Limited to circles
  • In one of my earlier posts I mentioned about Facebook Shortcut Keys .Here are Google+ Hotkeys
  1. Space=Scroll Down
  2. Shift+Space=Scroll up
  3. J=Single Post Down Scroll
  4. K=Single Post Up Scroll
  5. Q=Jump to Chat
  6. Return=Start Comment
  • You can Like any post by clicking on +1 button and unlike it by again clicking on +1 button
If you know any other trick that has not been shared here then Do share it by posting a comment.Also Like or +1 this post to share these cool Google+ tricks with your friends.

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