Check if an Email Address is Valid or Not

Spam filters of popular email services like Gmail,Yahoo are very efficient and they keep a lot of junk emails out of your inbox.Still there are some sophiscated techniques available using which hackers bypass these spam filters.Emails are the prominent method used in phishing scams.
There are various free online services that allows you to send anonymous emails.Hackers can effortlessly create their own Anonymous Email service by simply uploading email PHP script to their servers.If you receive a suspicious email you can check whether that email id exists or it is fake.
Email address Checker is a free third party service. This checking tool connects to the mail server and checks whether the email exists. For valid email addresses, you can view additional intelligence including pictures, blog and local searches.

How to verify an Email Address is Valid or Not:-

  • Just go to the Email address Checker website.
  • In the Email Address field give the email address which you want to verify and click on check button.
  • In the lower field you will see your result. In this example I had given two email address as you can see there will be a Tick Mark sign which is valid address and there will be a cross sign which is invalid email address.
112 How to Check if an Email Address is Valid or Not
  • For more information about the Email address click on the info button.
2 How to Check if an Email Address is Valid or Not
The only limitation of this tool is that you can only check three Email ID’s from one IP Address in a day.

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